Journal of Tax Practice Management

Competitive forces, increasing client expectations and new technologies are changing the nature of tax practice. CCH's brand-new Journal of Tax Practice Management provides tax practitioners with up-to-date commentary and analysis on the issues that confront practitioners in a variety of areas, including human resources, client relationships, marketing and sales, technology, organizational development, compensation, strategic planning, and more. Each bimonthly issue of the Journal provides thought-provoking content to help steer your firm toward growth and profitability.

The Journal of Tax Practice Management helps practitioners – especially accounting and law firms – navigate today's complex and changing business environment in order to grow and better manage their businesses. The Journal provides practitioners with practical, hands-on advice that they can use to increase their firm profitability. Information and discussion is included on attracting new clients, retaining existing clients, enticing clients into new services, developing and implementing a long-term strategic plan, improving competitive posture, benchmarking against successful firms, attracting and retaining talented employees, and increasing the overall value of the firm.

Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey S. Pawlow, draws on his experience in the practice management area to make the Journal the most comprehensive periodical in the field. Each issue of the Journal includes columns and articles written by leading management consultants and tax professionals. Insightful and practical, the Journal helps stimulate fresh new ideas on how to more effectively manage and grow your practice.

Experts contributing to the Journal of Tax Practice Management are part of a 14-member advisory board drawn from leading consulting, law and accounting firms. Collectively, the contributors and the Editor-in-Chief bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each issue – providing for a modest price advice which would cost much more if obtained through industry conferences or independent consultants.

Each issue of this 48-page bimonthly journal includes feature articles, regular columns, and a letter from the Editor-in-Chief.

In every issue, subscribers receive comprehensive, in-depth articles and columns dealing with cutting-edge issues confronting tax practitioners. Regularly included columns include:


Jeffrey S. Pawlow is managing partner of The Growth Partnership. Mr. Pawlow has worked with more than 20 accounting firms across the country since founding The Growth Partnership in 1999, and supports a select handful of clients on an ongoing basis as their outsourced director of marketing.

Prior to working in the accounting industry, Mr. Pawlow served as a Marketing Officer for one of the largest bank-holding corporations in the United States. He has also served as the Director of Marketing for Smith & Gesteland, LLP, a large local accounting firm located in Madison, WI, and for RBG & Co., a "Top-100" firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO. While working with these firms, Mr. Pawlow's efforts were recognized with seven Marketing Achievement Awards by the Association of Accounting Marketing, including the "Best of Show" award for overall marketing excellence in both 1997 and 1998.

Editorial Contributors:
Advisors and contributors to the Journal of Tax Practice Management include leading members of the tax practice management community:

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