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Module 1:   Partnership Taxation

  1. Partnerships General Issues at Formation
  2. Partnerships Accounting Periods and Methods
  3. Reporting Partnership Income and Guaranteed Payments
  4. Basis of a Partner's Interest and Profit & Loss Allocations
  5. Transactions Between a Partnership and Its Partners
  6. Non-liquidating and Liquidating Partnership Distributions
  7. Sale of a Partnership Interest
  Module 2:   C Corporation Taxation - Formation Issues

  1. Corporations Entity Classifications
  2. Corporations: Sec. 351 Controlled Transfers
  3. Sec. 351 Transfers Basis and Holding Period Issues
  4. C Corporations Sec. 267 Related Party Rules
Module 3:   C Corporation Taxation - Operations

  1. C Corps Gross Income, Exclusions, Capital Gain & Loss
  2. C Corps NOLs, Passive Loss, Organizational & Startup Costs
  3. C Corporations The Dividends Received Deduction
  4. C Corporations Charitable Deduction & Misc. Expense
  Module 4:   C Corporation Taxation Tax Computation

  1. Tax Computation and M1/M2/M3 Reconciliations
  2. C Corps Filing Requirements, Estimated Taxes, & Extensions
  3. C Corporations Alternative Minimum Tax
These Tutorials Will be Coming Soon!
Module 5:C Corporation Taxation - Distributions
Module 6:C Corporation Taxation - Corporate Reorganizations and Consolidations
Module 7:S Corporation Taxation
Module 8:Estate and Trust Income Taxation
Module 9:Tax-Exempt Organizations
Module 10:Multi-Jurisdictional Tax Issues

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